Grief should not be prevented because it is a healthy response to loss. It should be respected.


Those who are grieving should have support to help them through the process. But there is a point when the grief can be so great that the chemical imbalance in the brain needs physical assistance.


The information about Oxytocin is not well known hence the need for this website.


Even the flower essences can help. Normally, flower remedies require one to be very sensitive for them to work, but when one is feeling intense grief almost all are very sensitive.


.......In the weeks before I discovered the effects of oxytocin on grief, I was fortunate to have been provided with several flower essences that probably saved my life:


Contact FlorAlive and ask for a combination of three flowers to be sent to you as soon as possible: Healing Heart, Heart Mend, and Flor del Oso. The FlorAlive website has full instructions on how to take these subtle but powerful remedies and I support the method used by FlorAlive;


I also found another flower, sold by the Flower Essence Society  Love-Lies-Bleeding (Amaranthus), to be very helpful.



feel free to call them with quesitons or order 931-593-2300

order .....Healing Heart • Heart Mend • Flor del Oso

order .....Love-Lies-Bleeding • Amaranthus

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