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The GRIEF SOS website is dedicated to those who are experiencing pathological grief,

a situation where the process is stuck in a never-ending loop.


Not only is the healing process derailed by obsessive negative thoughts that take on a life of their own, but the grieving individual can find themselves tossed about on waves of emotion that don't even belong to them.


Grief may be triggered by the death of a loved one.

People also can experience grief if they have an illness for which there is no cure,

 or a chronic condition that affects their quality of life.


The end of a significant relationship may also cause a grieving process.


Everyone feels grief in their own way.

However, there are certain stages to the process of mourning.

People's responses to grief will be different, depending on the circumstances.



the sooner chemical balance is restored in the brain the less pain need be endured.






If the information I have been writing about were in a text book, or taught in medical school,

I would not have written articles for the Open To Hope Foundation website.

But this information is not available, and I am one of the few Physicians using oxytocin to treat grief. 


Thus, I feel compelled to get this information out to the public

even though the public will need to involve their health-care providers to cooperate

in following through on the suggestions I make.




OXYTOCIN: The Hormone of Healing and Hope by Kenneth Stoller MD

                                  Voume 1  March 1, 2012  

                                  Paper Back $2.99  & NOW available in Kindle Version $0.99

When his son was killed in a train accident in 2007, Dr. Stoller discovered the effectiveness of the hormone oxytocin in treating pathological grief. Now, you can benefit from his personal experience, extensive research and the sharing of this vital and life-changing information.


Dr. K. Paul Stoller has compiled his personal experience, research and knowledge into his informative new ebook OXYTOCIN: The Hormone of Healing and Hope. Learn how oxytocin is revolutionizing the treatment of addictions, autism, sexual dysfunction, cancer and acute grief.

.....It would do everyone good to learn about their brain chemicals. This one in particular is a good one. If you're interested in being happy

(and who isn't), then read this. Good buy!

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